Electronics Watch

Our campaigns

Procurement Justice

Our Procurement Justice campaign leverages procurement practices in public and private sector organizations to achieve concrete positive human rights, labour rights and environmental outcomes. Our current focus is establishing an Australian branch of Electronics Watch. Electronics Watch independent monitoring organisation, that uses worker-driven monitoring to detect labour rights issues in factories producing electronic goods. It brings together public sector buyers and civil society organisations in electronics production regions, with experts in human rights and global supply chains to monitor producers and engage with the industry to change practices.

Stop Corporate Crimes

Our Stop Corporate Crimes campaign is working to end corporate impunity and hold Australian companies accountable for human rights abuses and environmental destruction they are responsible for overseas. We are calling for changes in domestic Australian laws to put in place adequate mechanisms to ensure that Australian companies cause no harm in their global operations. The campaign is part of a global moment to hold transnational companies accountable for environmental destruction, exploitative labour practices and human rights violations pushing for an international legally binding treaty on business and human rights.